How to polish your shoes properly

21 Sep How to polish your shoes properly

For some, this may sound a bit of a dumb question, but lots of our customers are always surprised at just how polished their shoes can look when we return them. Why? Because they return ‘shiny’ as well as polished. And for that, you need to put in quite a lot of hard graft:

  1. Remove any dirt and excess polish. Use a horsehair brush to brush away the dirt (don’t forget to take out the laces). Then use a leather cleaner to remove dirt and other stains.
  1. Once dry, start polishing! Using a cream-based polish with cotton or a linen cloth, buff a thin layer evenly around the whole shoe using little roundabout motions and a tiny bit of pressure. This really allows the cream to sink into the pores of the leather for a good end result.