Providing service to the worlds finest designer brands since 1963


For over five decades, we have offered an unrivalled repair and alteration service for our customers in London and beyond.


Our expert craftsmen not only repair shoes, but also restore them to the same condition as if they were fresh out of the box. This is achieved through a combination of techniques and tools ranging from the traditional to more modern methods.

Feel the difference

Sometimes a classic approach is the best approach.

When a beloved shoe breaks or enters a state of disrepair, some people reluctantly throw it away and buy a new pair instead of simply having them fixed. Shoe repair is a time-tested service that goes back centuries. It is a trade where generations have honed the craft into a thriving industry and working wonders with even the most downtrodden of footwear.


We are deeply saddened
by the death of
Her Majesty The Queen
and grateful for her
service to our nation.

Everyone at Classic Shoe Repairs
send their heartfelt condolences
to The Royal Family.